Free art in Salzburg


Art Galleries & free art scene in the city of Mozart


“Skill Based Painting” now at Berchtoldvilla (c) Haiying Xu

Lots of entertainment for a low budget: Also in the worldly city of Salzburg, of which many people say it is somewhat snobbish –art is found for free! While walking through the old town you will encounter art and also galleries around almost every corner – the ideal alternative to the high-profile museums of Salzburg. Who would have thought, that Salzburg might be a real treasure trove filled with free art?

Salzburger Kunstverein

The Salzburger Kunstverein „lives“ in the so called „Künstlerhaus“, located directly at the Salzach river near the bus stop “Justizgebäude”. Since the new colouring in bright orange-red, the house is found easily. Here you can stroll through the beautiful premises where you can usually enjoy at least two current exhibitions for free and if you’re lucky even have a look in one of the many Artists studios. At café Cult you enjoy a coffee afterwards, and when it’s good weather you shouldn’t miss the cosy terrace for a little art-talk.

The Berchtoldvilla

The Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg-Nonntal is also a very nice institution for art, enlived by the art bv Berchtoldvilla – the Professional Association of Austrian Artists. It is located directly next to the new “Unipark” – a part of the Faculty of Humanities of University of Salzburg. Already in the outdoor space, you stroll through the sculpture Park. But also in the Villa you’ll experience current exhibitions for free. Just now and still until March 6, you can enjoy “Skill Based Painting” with works by Jiyun Cheon, Sabine Rosenberger, Agnieszka Kaszubowska, Stefanie Hubner and many more.

The Galleries of Salzburg

But also if you wonder through Salzburg without a cause, you will stumble upon many galleries, which are offering all kinds of art for free. No wonder: There are over 50 galleries in Salzburg!

  • eboran Galerie As an „Association for the Promotion of Young Artists”, eboran at Ignaz-Harrer-Straße - in one of the most colourful districts of Salzburg – focuses on cultural diversity as well as on installations and very large-scale works.
  • Leica Galerie This gallery focuses on artsy and documentary photography. After they just moved to Gaisbergstraße, the „50 Year Anniversary of The Beatles in Obertauern“ is celebrated with an exhibition, still going on until march, 21.
  • Galerie 5020 The renowned gallery acts on the pulse and is located centrally on Residenzplatz. Their focus is on contemporary Fine Art at its best.
  • Galerie Fotohof Newly opened at „Neue Mitte Lehen“, the gallery shows photography. They also offer professional photography classes for interested Artists.
  • Galerie matombo In the middle of the old town of Salzburg, matombo shows art from Africa. The gallery functions also as a kind of Boutique – you can also buy the pieces.
  • Periscope More of an interactive space for art and art lovers, there is always something exciting to see. The gallery is located a bit further from the centre, on Sterneckstraße.
  • Galerie Thaddeus Ropac Located directly on famous Mirabellgarten, the beautiful building opens its white rooms. Apart from the exhibition premises you shouldn’t miss the sculptures outside on the Mirabellgarden-side.

Preview: Summeracademy Salzburg

Especially in summer time, Salzburg becomes a melting pot of international artists. The International Summeracademy offers diverse classes of Fine Arts every summer for a period of three weeks. The classes are located on the “Fortress Hohensalzburg” and the “Schmiede” in Hallein. Artists can sign up for the summer courses with a portfolio and there are also scholarships available. The big finissage is a great highlight of Salzburg’s art scene’s summer. You love art, but you lack the money for visiting the established museums of Salzburg? You see that’s not a problem at all: Your room at Kolpinghaus Hostel is designed for low budget travellers and the many galleries and art premises of Salzburg offer you free art experiences while your stay. We are already looking forward to meet you soon in person in Salzburg, maybe even as a participant in one of the many offered art classes and courses.