Learn - Living - Together

Living in the Kolping Community

Model and Self-conception

Learn. Living. Together. These are our principles at Kolping House Salzburg. We are the only hall of residence in Salzburg that is open all year round. The fact that we run a combination of halls, hostel and seminar and event department makes us a very multifunctional house. We see ourselves as a “temporary family” for our residence, meaning an active community of young people and experienced staff. A place where teenagers can learn – living – together in a warm atmosphere and with experienced guidance.

Living in the community at Kolping House Salzburg
Living together at the Kolping Hall of Residence


School and apprenticeship can often be very challenging. That is why we support and encourage you where it is necessary. We also challenge you, because you are the most important partner on the way to a successful education.


Very soon your life will be happening between getting up and going to sleep at the Kolping House; just like it used to at home but different. New friendships and relationships will be made here. You will share your experiences, successes and sometimes maybe even your frustration with others that live and work with you here.


Here at our house different groups, lifestyles and opinions collide. Each and every of those contribute to the diverse communal life. Parts of it are: engagement, tolerance, participation and willingness to get involved in the community.

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