Food at the Kolping House Salzburg

Catered Hall of Residence

Daily Fresh Food

The three most important words in life? “Food is ready!” Fresh food is served three times a day at the Kolping House. The breakfast buffet, a 2-course lunch and a 2-course dinner guarantee that you get through the day well invigorated. 

Half-board is a mandatory part of the hostel contract for pupils and apprentices (except for catering and hotel industry apprentices). For students we offer optional half-board, mains and breakfast. It is also possible to only book meals for certain days or only enjoy the breakfast buffet.

The canteen of the Kolping Hall of Residence
Eating together in the canteen of the Kolping House Salzburg

The Food – Healthy, Fresh, Good!

“I’m satisfied when the guests like my dishes!” says our chef de cuisine. He and his team guarantee fresh products, delicious and healthy meals and balanced menus. The kitchen team is regularly supported and advised by a nutritionist.

Breakfast Buffet

6am to 9am

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Benefit from the selection of good food and recharge your batteries for a new day. At the breakfast buffet the following daily fresh products are available:

  • Three pieces of bread (bread rolls or bread) per person
  • Various cereals
  • Sausages and cheese
  • Jams and spreads
  • Fruit
  • Tea, coffee, milk and hot chocolate

Leftover bread can be used for afternoon sandwiches.


12pm to 1:30pm

At lunchtime you can choose between two different 2-course meals with a beverage (water or juice).


5:30pm to 6:30pm

For dinner you can also choose between two 2-course meals including a beverage (water or juice).

At lunchtime and dinner you can choose between a hearty and a vegetarian dish.

Communal Kitchen

There is a communal kitchen available on each floor for students, where you can prepare small snacks. Bring your own crockery, cutlery and glasses. Every kitchen comes with a fridge. One lockable fridge compartment belongs to every room.

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