Achieving Goals Together

Educational Aims at the Kolping House

Encourage and Support Adolescents

It is our goal to support and accompany young people during their personal development and help them cope with their life. In good cooperation with teachers and teenagers we also help to discover and support young people's talents and lead them in the right direction. Capacity building is what we want for our young residents and we support them on the basis of individual help like with educational questions, with learning issues and conflict management. Teachers and members of staff are partly responsible for achieving the teenagers' educational goals.

Managing something alone is hard, but with help you can do anything.

Educational Goals in Detail:

  • Accompanying young people during their school and/or job-related education and helping them integrate in the work environment.
  • Teaching them responsibility and the ability to deal with conflicts in a good balance between freedom and rules, according to the motto “freedom needs boundaries”.
  • Providing young people with room and opportunities for “experimenting” and motivating them to design a liveable and autonomous living environment.
  • Encouraging teenagers' realistic life evaluation.
  • Supporting young people in their holistic development (job-related, socially, personally, politically, ecologically, religiously).

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