This is What Our Teachers and Carers Say

They encourage and challenge, they accompany you during your education and when becoming a grown-up, they are always there for you and have a sympathetic ear – our teachers and carers at the Kolping House.

Here our team of teachers and carers get to say what they think about their work here:

“People come, people go, and it's the memories and their thoughts that make each and every one special. My work with the students at vocational school is characterised by its briefness, rapidness, variety and the constant change – and in the middle of the term there are some extremely study-intensive weeks. But even if I can only accompany and support them for a short while, I do appreciate each of these moments and it is wonderful how a feeling of trust and closeness can develop during such a short time."

Daniela, carer

“For every parent it is hard when a child leaves home in order to go his or her own way. But it is even more difficult when the child moves to a new and unfamiliar place. We at the Kolping House know that and that is why we try to treat every teenager individually and to support them in their needs. We want to be there for them on their way to becoming a confident and independent adult."

Andi, head of the teaching team

“My approach to the work with teenagers at the Kolping House is to encourage the young people's liveliness on one hand and reliability on the other. In oder to be able to live these contradictions every day I steer a middle course between structure by compliance with rules and an education method that is adjusted to the teenagers' needs and grows with them.”

Anja, carer

“From my own experience I know that moving out from home for the first time is a big step towards independence. In order to make this change easier I focus a lot on institutional cohabitation of teenagers and interesting leisure activities in my educational work for the Kolping House. The different lifestyles and worlds of teenagers and the resulting needs and demand build the foundation for my daily work that contributes to young people's development to become an independent and autonomous young adult and to a more colourful and entertaining life at the halls.

Mathias, carer

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