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Celebrate at the Kolping House Salzburg

Hold Successful Events

The Kolping House offers two great event rooms that are perfect for evening and daytime events. Business celebrations and balls as well as presentations and trainings get a special ambience here. Have your event with us and you will have a successful event.

Premium Event Premises

Solid furniture, modern technical equipment as well as a friendly atmosphere for a good price, that is what the event rooms at the Kolping House offer. We have two different rooms available that can be used for all sorts of events.

Technical Equipment

The event rooms at the Kolping House offer state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. From beamer with big screen for visual presentations to powerful speakers. Everything you need for a carefree event you will find here with us.

  • Beamer with screen
  • Wireless and standing microphone
  • BOSE speaker system (only in the big event room)
  • CD player
  • DVD player
  • Overhead projector
  • TV and video devices
  • Internet
Theatre performance at the Kolping House Salzburg
Events and celebrations at the Kolping House Salzburg

Small Event Room (82m2)

The smaller event room, which also serves as a great seminar venue, accommodates 20 to 80 people, depending on the seating arrangement. Bright and well-lit the small room at the Kolping House offers the perfect atmosphere for various events.

Big Event Room with Gallery (330m2)

For major events, like Christmas parties or balls, the big Kolping event room is a great choice. The room size varies so that you can choose between a 150m2 or a 230m2 big room. Premium equipment and a classy and lush ambience makes the Kolpingsaal attractive for your events. An additional advantage is the beautiful gallery with a seating area overlooking the whole room. Our cuisine team will make sure that your culinary dreams for your evening event will come true.

Flexible Seating Arrangements

The table and chair arrangements will be designed according to your individual event. For parties we recommend a large, long table or single tables, for presentations or trainings we recommend the theatre style.

Ask for a quote online or call us. We gladly send you an individual offer for your celebrations or events.

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