The Kolping Idea

The Spread of a Big Idea

For More Than 160 Years for Youth, Family and Education

Adolph Kolping saw education as the key to success and social security. This is what he said about his aim of humane education: “The love for God and for other people is based on true, humane education.” Through a holistic education people should become more and more similar to God, as the human being is made in the “image of God”. This holistic education does not only comprise educational training that one gets at school or during an apprenticeship, it also entails an education of the heart.

Adolph Kolping, the apprentice father
Adolph Kolping's pedagogy and idea

Kolping as a Teacher

Kolping deliberately supported education of young people. The apprentice association was developed into an “Academy of the people's voice” where apprentices would not only learn the basics, but also subject-matter knowledge for their job. The aim was to accompany and encourage young people in order to show and teach them efficiency.

Continuing a Big Idea: Kolping House Today

Adolpf Kolping's idea was to provide young journeymen of his time, who did not have a home or an education, with a “temporary home”. Today there are still young people who have to move away from home in order to pursue their educational path, they need a place to stay and a community to live in. We are pleased to take on the challenge to offer a “family” to these teenagers, a community where they can feel at home and that creates the basis for a stable future.

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