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The Kolping Society

Today's Kolping society started in 1850 when the first apprentice associations founded a union. The first Kolping association was introduced in Elberfeld, soon after the idea spread from there and Cologne and more and more similar associations were founded in the German-speaking area and in North America. In 1968 the Kolping society became vastly popular internationally and today there are 5,800 Kolping “families” in more than 60 countries all over the world.

Another Worldwide Partnership

Kolping started out small but has become a worldwide network. In the late 1960 a new course was set during a summit in Salzburg and Kolping introduced its new international future. Today there are Kolping families in more than 60 countries on all continents with almost half a million members.

Tasks and Organisation

Wherever a Kolping association is found there is always the same aim: to combine people into education and action groups, where they can find a home and the courage to take over responsibility for themselves and for their environment.

The members of the international Kolping association form a family-like and lifelong community. The union supports its members' development in many areas with education and action. The international Kolping association is organised in local groups, so-called Kolping families, that are combined under diocesan or regional associations, and organised in central and national associations.

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