Pedagogical Principle

Supervised Living at the Kolping Hall of Residence

“Education is life and requires life.” - Adolph Kolping

The teachers and carers at the Kolping House work for the purpose of educating young people independence and autonomy.

The foundation is a philosophy characterised by a Christian philosophy and values based on the Kolping tradition: solidarity, community, faith, diligence, reliability.

We accompany young people individually according to their age and maturity and stay with them until they graduate. Even young adults who are already 18 but have not yet finished their education.

Our experienced team works in various fields “school/education/apprenticeship”, “leisure” and “personal companionship through life”. The aim is to take care of teenagers on an individual level as well as in peer groups. Regular contact to parents/legal guardians is very important to us. The educational goal can easily be achieve if all parties work together: students/apprentices, teachers and parents.

Taking Part and Having a Say

Supervised Living in Salzburg at the Kolping Hall of Residence
Values and pedagogy at the Kolping House in Salzburg

Learn – living – together means that everyone is invited to join in and have a say. At the Kolping House we have a house parliament. The elected representatives take care of the residents' concerns and matters. They meet up with the management and the head teacher ca. every six weeks in order to talk about suggestions for the community and to find solutions to possible problems in the house.

The teenagers can organise their roles in the house and group representative teams or take over responsibilities as coaches for younger residents. Everyone can actively enhance life at the Kolping House. This way our residents learn and practise the foundation of democratic engagement based on these in-house organisational structures.

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