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Apprentices & Pupils

The following prices apply to pupils and apprentices in for 2019/2020

Single room with half-board: €622.30 incl./month

Double room with half-board: €521.90 incl./month

During the school year the rent is payable ten times a year for pupils.

The prices apply to one school year and include 10% VAT.

Please bring your own pillows, duvets, bedlinen and towels.

Period of notice: 1 month at the turn of the semester or the apprenticeship half-year.

Deposit: €400.00


The following prices apply to students, starting with the academic year of 2019/2020:

Single room: €390.20 per month

Double room: €299.50 per month


Half-board: €191.30/month

Single main price: €5.80

Single breakfast price: €3.90

Pupils and students cannot spend the summer holidays in the Kolping House.

Information to the “Kolping helps” funding can be found here!

The rent is per person and month and includes:

Half-board is mandatory part of the halls contract -  except for catering and hotel industry apprentices.

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