What Our Residents Say About Us

If you are interested what other teens and young adults, who have lived in the Kolping House, are saying about us – here you will find our residents' opinions.

“For me the Kolping House is not only a place to stay, but a place to live, a place for life. The many opportunities to spend one's leisure time, with football or volleyball or at the cafeteria create the perfect balance to the sometimes stressful and challenging school days. If there are any kind of problems at school or personal matters, everyone is there for each other with help and support. In a nutshell, the Kolping House is a place with good friends where I can feel at home; I thoroughly enjoy living here.”

Michael Wimmer, polytechnic student, 17

"At my first day at the Kolping House, I was overwhelmed by the typical „oh well, it’s okay“-feeling. But the first impressions are deceiving and as time goes by you get acquainted with the town, the halls and the carers and just have a whole lot of fun. You get to know many nice people and form friendships for eternity. If you go to school at the higher technical education institute, like me, the ways are short and it is easier to concentrate on studying. In principle you can have fun here if you want to, but also enjoy silence if you want to.
You experience the "Kolping experience"!"

Andreas Lanner

“At the Kolping House, I like the relaxed atmosphere which contributes to an environment where you can study effectively and with focus. The carers are friendly and they take time for everything. If there are any problems at school they help you to quickly find reasons and solutions.”

Michael Schitter

“In the beginning I found it hard to get used to the Kolping House, but then you had even more fun with the carers. I also found a lot of new friends. I would absolutely recommend the Kolping House.”

Stefan Hillebrand

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