Our Values

We Stand for a VALU(E)able Life

Lived Values at the Kolping Hall of Residence

We continue the tradition of our founder Adolph Kolping and represent an education that lives his values: in his day principles of communal life were written on all four walls of the Kolping House: “Religion and Virtue”, “Harmony and Love”, “Mirth and Fun” and “Work and Diligence”. These values are still valid today, but have to be translated for the world of today's youth.

Religion and Virtue

In today's world young people often get confused in the big supermarket of offers for the senses. As wide and great as the offers are as big is the insecurity. Young people often fall by the wayside with their questions. We provide them with values that ensure orientation. We are open for questions about the meaning of life and the hopes and fears teenagers face.

Harmony and Love

We want young people to feel at home at “their Kolping”. Part of this is a community that carries you and that you can count on. In a time of growing individualism this is a special challenge for teachers and caretakers. We are all the more delighted that teenagers experience the “Kolping” as a “temporary home” and a big family. Conflicts are inevitable, but it is crucial that boundaries are drawn. A community can only feel safe when an atmosphere of constructive debate is allowed and embraced.


Living together at the Kolping House Salzburg
The Kolping Hall of Residence values a good life in the community

Mirth and Fun

Ideas that are still easy to understand today! This correlates with the experience-driven society of our times. “No risk – no fun” is the motto of the today's youth. At our house we want fun without risk, a culture of partying and celebration throughout the year. Fun and mirth are important experiences that enhance our community on more than one level.

Work and Diligence

Again, nothing that has to be translated for today's youth. The pressure to perform that is applied to young people is enormous. At our house young people get the support they need in order to manage the required study and educational workload. We help them study and talk to their teachers if necessary.


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