What is Kolping?

The Kolping Network

Adolph Kolping (1813-1865)

The now 160-year old history of our organisation started with Adolph Kolping, charismatic founder and father of the Kolping association. In 1845 Kolping was introduced to the apprentice association run by Johann Gregor Breuer. He was excited about the idea and soon after founded the Cologne apprentice association, which should become the pioneer model for many further associations in the German-speaking area.

Kolping House Salzburg

The new Kolping House Salzburg
Hall of Residence for adolescents in the Kolping House Salzburg

The first apprentice house in Salzburg was opened at Salzburg Bruderhof. In 1892 constructions for the new building on Franz-Josef-Straße were initiated; it was a place where thousands of young craftsmen should find a new home. After World War II the former apprentice home became the Kolping House. In 1997 the foundation for the new Kolping House in Salzburg Itzling was laid; it was opened in 1998.

The Kolping House Salzburg's legal entity is Kolping Family Salzburg Zentral. The association's members support teenagers, families and education and run a family-like community.

The aim of the Kolping House has always been to offer teenagers and young adults a home away from home, to take care of them and to support them in their personal development.

Kolping International

What started in 1850 in Cologne, quickly spread all over the German-speaking area and has become an international movement. Today the Kolping Society has 450,000 members in 61 countries all over the world. Its members are organised in 5,800 Kolping families.

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