Kolping – Your Temporary Home

Living at the Kolping House Salzburg

Kolping Hall of Residence - a New Chapter in Life

Your life's journey leads you to Salzburg. A new city, new people, a new living environment. You are between 14 and 30 years old, going to start your apprenticeship, a new school or your studies. Many new and exciting challenges are waiting for you. The Kolping House offers you a secure and cosy home.

Teenagers in front of the Kolping House Salzburg
Making new friends at the Kolping House Halls Salzburg

What to Expect at the Kolping House Salzburg?

The Kolping House is a temporary home. Here you will find premises and quiet areas for your studies and for achieving your educational goals. You can relax, have fun and meet new friends.


The Kolping House Salzburg offers single and double rooms. Every room is 21m² big, furnished and comes with its own bathroom with shower and WC, Wlan and cable TV.


The canteen serves three meals a day. Varied, healthy food prepared with fresh products is part of our ideology. 

  • Breakfast buffet (6am-9am)
  • 2-course lunch of choice with beverage (12pm – 1:30pm)
  • 2-course dinner of choice with beverage (5:30pm – 6:30pm)

According to the Kolping House contract half-board is mandatory for pupils and apprentices (except for catering and hotel industry apprentices), half-board is optional for students.

Sports & Leisure

From sports grounds and beach volleyball courts to the gym, from the cafeteria and the TV to band rooms – enjoy your leisure time in various rooms and areas at the Kolping House; all available for free.

Study and Meditation Room

In the spacious study room you will find a pleasant atmosphere and much needed quiet for your assignments and homework for school or university. For a peaceful retreat, why not visit the Kolping House meditation room, where you can take stock of yourself from time to time.

House Rules

Like in all halls and student accommodations there are certain rules that are necessary in order to ensure a good relationship between residents and residential groups.

Communal Facilities

The Kolping House offers its residents the following facilities and premises:

  • Communal areas with TV
  • Tea kitchens
  • Laundry and drying room
  • Roofed bicycle and motorbike racks
  • Free parking behind the building

Pedagogical Care at the Youth Hall

Experienced teachers and caretakers are available for all pupils and apprentices in the halls. They will help you manage your homework and other tasks. They will also support, encourage and challenge you with school and apprenticeship issues and your personal development. But you will also enjoy necessary personal freedom to act independently.


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